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High Schools:

These are several numbers of High Schools available in Dharmanagar.

Higher Secondary Schools:
There are 8 higher secondary schools in Dharmanagar.
1. Bir Bikram Institution (BBI),
2. Dharmanagar Higher Secondary (+2) stage Girls’ School,
3. Dinanath Narayani Vidyamandir (DNV),
4. Chandrapur Higher Secondary School, Chandrapur
5. Padmapur Higher Secondary School, Padmapur
6. Nayapara HS (+2) stage School,
7. Rajbari HS (+2) stage Girls’ School and
8. Golden Valley High School, which is also the only one of these institutions to be fully taught in English.

BBI is a popular state run school in the heart of Dharmanagar. Year upon year students from this institution shine bright on the board exams.

Degree College:
There is also a Govt. degree college, affiliated to Tripura University, offering a number of subjects in Science, Arts & Commerce streams.

Transport Services - Airports

Airports close to Dharmanagar:
1. Kailashahar(IXH), Kailashahar, India (24.5km) –> now-a-days only helicopter is available.
2. Osmany international(ZYL), Sylhet osmani, Bangladesh (101.8km) -> it is in Bangladesh
3. Aizawl(AJL), Aizwal, India (133.2km)
4. Silchar(IXS), Silchar, India (143km)
5. Agartala(IXA), Agartala, India (152.2km)

There are five different types of Air services are available.

Air Time-table1. India Air Lines:

IC 7771: Silchar to Agartala (Reach at 8:25AM)
IC 7772: Agartala (Start at 8:45AM) to Silchar

CD 243: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 10:30AM)
CD 244: Agartala (Start at 11:15AM) to Kolkata

CD 7755: Guwahati to Agartala (Reach at 6:15PM)
CD 7756: Agartala (Start at 5:55PM) to Guwahati

CD 7727: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 5:35PM)
CD 7728: Agartala (Start at 6:35PM) to Kolkata

2. IndiGo:
6E-273: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 9:40AM)
6E-204: Agartala (Start at 10:10AM) to Kolkata

6E-360: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 1:30PM)
6E-260: Agartala (Start at 2PM) to Kolkata (via Imphal)

3. Jet:
9W-2478: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 5:45PM)
9W-2479: Agartala (Start at 6:25PM) to Kolkata

4. Paramount:
I7/803: Guwahati to Agartala (Reach at 11:05AM)
I7/802: Agartala (Start at 12:15PM) to Kolkata

5. Kingfisher:
IT 4541: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 3:20PM)
IT 4542: Agartala (Start at 4PM) to Kolkata

* Airtime-table may be change subjet to without previous notice..


The nearest airport to Dharmanagar is in Silchar. There is also a helipad for helicopter rides or for quick journeys to nearby towns such as Bagpasha and Kolkata, however, these are costly and are mainly reserved for the rich Daily bus service is there which carries a distance from Dharmanagar to Shillong & Guwahati.


The population of Dharmanagar, as estimated in late 2006, is 32,912.
Males constitute 51% of the population and
females 49%.

Dharmanagar has an average literacy rate of 73.66%, higher than the national average of 65.38%:
male literacy is 81.47% and
female literacy is 65.41%.

In Dharmanagar, 9% of the population is under 6 years of age. More than half of people traveling, either ride a bike, walk, or take a rickshaw.

98% percent of the population is Hindu,
1% is Buddhist and
less than 1% is Muslim.

Whilst the majority speaks Bengali, Dharmanagar is also home to Kokborok-speaking tribes.

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Map of Dharmanagar, Tripura

Geographical details is as like follows:
Latitude = 24.3667, Longitude = 92.1667, Altitude (feet) = 68, Lat (DMS) = 24° 22' 0N, Long (DMS) = 92° 10' 0E,  Altitude (meters) = 20, Time zone = (est)

Approximate population for 7 km radius from this point: 63856

About Dharmanagar

Dharmanagar sub-division is one of the most prominent sub-division of Tripura. Now a mere sub-division, it was once the capital of Tripura and its size was about 450 square miles.

Most of the history of Dharmanagar is derived from the "Rajmala" which is an ancient royal chronicle of the Kings of Tripura, written in Bengali since the 14th century AD. Initially, but unrecorded it was in circulation in Kokborok language, the language of the Tripura Kings before it was translated to Bengali in the 14th century.

The original of the name 'Dharmanagar' cannot be accurately traced back in time. The 'Rajmala' refers to at least four kings whose names include the word 'Dharma'. So it remains a matter of speculation as to which king had lent his name to our hometown. The various documents however, indicate that the existence of Dharmanagar goes back deep into time. "Rajmala" further indicates that the name 'Faticuli' was used to mean Dharmanagar back in those ancient times. It is not irrelevant to quote Pandit Kaliprasanna Sen and Pandit Likhan Ghosh from the 'Rajmala ancient scripts as they were edited and translated to Bengali by them.

The exact geographical boundaries of Dharmanagar in the ancient times, have not been clearly documented. However, a general idea about the size obtained from various source indicate that's one major position of Sylhet (now in Bangladesh) were include in Dharmanagar. Sources indicate that Dharmanagar in those days was not as small as it is today.

At present Dharmanagar is bound by Maulvi Bazar and Karimganj Subdivision of Sylhet in the north; Karimganj district of Assam in the east; Kailashahar subdivision and Mizoram state in the south and Kailashahar and Maulvi Bazar subdivision of Bangladesh in the west. The size of Dharmanagar has been greatly diminished over the ages and what was once the mighty capital of Tripura has now been reduced to a sub division of the state.

Remains of some old structures found in and around Dharmanagar bear testimony to the ancient glory of Dharmanagar . Certain ruins of old brick and mud structures . Were once seen in various places such as Rajbari, Kalacherra, Lalcherra etc. Today Dharmanagar shows the old glamour and glory. But it is still a very vibrant commercial town, which acts as a gateway to Tripura. Private endeavors in various walks of public life have enriched the place and have made the place a really cool place to be in. At present the town is moving towards modernity at a good pace and hopes to increase mutual interaction with the rest of the world.