Monday, February 1, 2010

Transport Services - Airports

Airports close to Dharmanagar:
1. Kailashahar(IXH), Kailashahar, India (24.5km) –> now-a-days only helicopter is available.
2. Osmany international(ZYL), Sylhet osmani, Bangladesh (101.8km) -> it is in Bangladesh
3. Aizawl(AJL), Aizwal, India (133.2km)
4. Silchar(IXS), Silchar, India (143km)
5. Agartala(IXA), Agartala, India (152.2km)

There are five different types of Air services are available.

Air Time-table1. India Air Lines:

IC 7771: Silchar to Agartala (Reach at 8:25AM)
IC 7772: Agartala (Start at 8:45AM) to Silchar

CD 243: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 10:30AM)
CD 244: Agartala (Start at 11:15AM) to Kolkata

CD 7755: Guwahati to Agartala (Reach at 6:15PM)
CD 7756: Agartala (Start at 5:55PM) to Guwahati

CD 7727: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 5:35PM)
CD 7728: Agartala (Start at 6:35PM) to Kolkata

2. IndiGo:
6E-273: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 9:40AM)
6E-204: Agartala (Start at 10:10AM) to Kolkata

6E-360: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 1:30PM)
6E-260: Agartala (Start at 2PM) to Kolkata (via Imphal)

3. Jet:
9W-2478: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 5:45PM)
9W-2479: Agartala (Start at 6:25PM) to Kolkata

4. Paramount:
I7/803: Guwahati to Agartala (Reach at 11:05AM)
I7/802: Agartala (Start at 12:15PM) to Kolkata

5. Kingfisher:
IT 4541: Kolkata to Agartala (Reach at 3:20PM)
IT 4542: Agartala (Start at 4PM) to Kolkata

* Airtime-table may be change subjet to without previous notice..

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